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Travel Care Kit

Kinder Oil 

Enriched with Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil makes Kinder a great tool to help with the moisturizing process for hair and body. The aromatherapy of the Lavender and Frankincense essential oil help stimulate and revitalize the hair and scalp from root to tip promoting healthy hair growth as well as many other benefits.


Mmm... Butter 

All-natural hair-to-toe moisturizer enhanced with the scent of coconut and cocoa butter. Leaves the hair and body soft and supple. Tip, Mmm... Butter works best when applied to your body right after the shower. when your pores are open. This will help the moisturizing process. If you have oily skin just minimize the amount applied.


Vanilla Rose Mist

Although created to detoxify and leave your hair smelling Wonderful and Refreshed, It can also be used for the body. Vanilla Rose Mist combined with Kinder and Mmm... Butters as a great moisturizing process. 

Travel Care Kit

  • Self-care doesn't just have to be at home. This Travel Care Kit is like having a little spa in your handbag, your desk at work, or a fabulous vacation. Kinder Hair & Body Oil, Mmm... Butter Body Potion and Vanilla Rose Mist can be used as a soothing therapeutic experience from head to toe. 

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