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Moisturizing Kit

Kinder Oil 4oz

Enriched with Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil makes Kinder a great tool to help with the moisturizing process for hair and body. The aroma therapy of the Lavender and Frankincense essential oil help stimulate and revitalizing the hair and scalp from root to tip promoting healthy hair growth as well as many other benefits.


Mmm... Butter 8oz

is an all natural hair to toe moisturizer enhanced with scent of coconut and coco butter. Leaves the hair and body soft and supple. Tip, Mmm... Butter works best when applied to your body right after the shower. when your pours are open. This will help the moisturizing process. If you have oily skin just minimized the amount applied.



Moisturizing Kit

  • Cleans and Moisturize

    This dynamic duo also is perfect for dry skin from head to toe especially our hands due to washing them several times a day.  With clean hands take a a nickel size amount of "Mmm... Butter" and three drops of "Kinder Oil" then massage in into your hands. You can also add little water help the moisturizing process. 


    Selfcare is Essential 

    A great way to relax your mind for meditation is with a gentle face massage. After cleaning your face take a dime size amount of "Mmm... Butter" and a drop of "Kinder Oil" onto the tip of you fingers then rub your fingers together to blend the mixture. Gently massage in a circler motion with both hands from chin to cheek, up to your forehead then reverse. Hold your hand in front of your face then breath deep for five second to enhance the aroma therapy experience. Gently rinse then dab your face dry.  

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