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Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have burned sage for centuries as part of a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or space, and to promote healing and wisdom. It's been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans to treat digestive issues, memory problems, and sore throats. The name sage comes from the Latin “salvia,” which means, “to feel healthy.” 


  • All-Natural White Sage Clusters Enhanced with Rose Petals.

    Cleans and Empower Yourself, Space, and Crystals Using the Smudging Method. 

    (Smudging Pot not included but coming soon!)


    Benefits of Sage

    • Can help establish a positive environment for meditation or another ritual. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this sets your intention and dedication to self-improvement. 
    • Using the smugging method you can can cleans or empower yourself, specific spaces, Crystals, etc. 
    • White sage (Salvia apiana) is rich in compounds that activate certain receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for elevating mood levels, reducing stress, and even alleviating pain.
    • A remedy for treating anxiety, depression, and mood disorders in certain cultures.
    • a lovely incense with a divine aroma, pure and simple.It also works great as a chemical-free air freshener or odor controller.
    • In addition to dissipating negative energy, improving mood, and strengthening intuition, smudging with sage might improve your memory and focus.
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